YouTube Pushes Augmented Reality Advertisements

I’m sure you’ve noticed the pause in the videos you watch on YouTube. Perhaps you tap your foot awaiting the video to begin again, or maybe, just mayyyybe you are slightly entranced in the short ad video that hijacked your screen for a moment. Regardless of the case, ads are YouTube staples and there really is no getting around them. 

Along with traditional ads such as the above described; new ads will be taking a bit of a different approach coming later on this summer under YouTube’s FameBit influencer marketing platform. Can you say augmented reality!?

Youtube Famebit
YouTube Famebit

A different ad approach? How so?

Let’s start with the gateway… Influencers. 

As we all know, social media influencers are a HUGE revenue boost for brands. These brands capitalize on this by providing socialites with samples, commissions and affiliate programs in order to promote their products to their viewers/followers and subscribers.  

Internet influencers reach a plethora of people who they have built a virtual relationship with. Their “following” or “subscribers” have some sort of friendship and adoration for their favorite influencers. 

YouTube Influencers
YouTube Influencers

Many times, when a creator recommends a product or service, viewers are keen to check out the brand that’s being gloated about and make a purchasing decision because, just like a friend would…it was highly recommended by a credible source.  

This is where FameBit by Youtube comes in to play – Augmented Reality’s Next Venture.

YouTube’s FameBit influencer marketing program will be available for creators and brands. This program created exclusively by and for YouTube works with influencers and brands to link them closer together in a partnership type deal. So close that it also combines an instant user/viewer experience for their subscribers. 

Allow me to explain.

Your favorite YouTube guru is doing a specific makeup look perfect for a glam night out. This guru notes that all of the products they are using are from MAC Cosmetics. They tell you how you can try the same lipstick color they are using in the tutorial on your very own lips WHILE watching the video! This is all possible with augmented reality (AR) and a renowned facial recognition technology by way of smart device.

Jeffrey Star
Jeffrey Star

FameBit asserts “Creators are more than a new generation of celebrity – they are writers, producers and distributors of content to a large and already engaged audience.” 

Providing customers instant use along with simple entertainment, YouTube’s interactive augmented reality advertisements will play a huge part in the cosmetic industry among many other industries to follow. 

Brands want to build relationships with their consumers and augmented reality is the perfect liaison in order to do so paired with the big boy social media platform:  YouTube. 

We are looking forward to check out the immersive experience later on this summer. 

Source: Digiday

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