Why Consumers Love Augmented Reality

Consumers want quick, value driven and memorable experiences within their products and services purchased or used. That is why consumers love augmented reality. 

You can certainly relate. Just think of the annoyance of yourself out clothes shopping (juggling items in the changing room), traveling (navigating around), or even studying (reading and RE-reading textbooks). Uhg, what a chore, right?

Augmented Reality and Education

These three frequent instances can be quickly resolved by the way of augmented reality applications which are already being implemented by numerous companies. 

These apps can have you trying on clothing without slipping into or out of those pair of jeans. It can also bring to life the story in your history book that used to be a bit snore-worthy with black text on a white page. Augmented reality will also offer front of view navigation information so you will never get lost!

The big question here is: Why do consumers love augmented reality? We have itemized three undisputed ways: removing guesswork, immediate feedback and interactivity. 

Removes Guesswork

Oh, technology…you knew exactly what we needed. Augmented reality removes the guesswork. Gone are the days of blindly purchasing that shade of lipstick in hopes it will look great against your skin tone, and in the past are the times of paint swatch samples on your bedroom wall.

Sephora Augmented Reality Makeup App
Sephora Augmented Reality Makeup App

Augmented reality removes the guesswork because with the use of applications by the way of smart devices, you can see how the “Pink Besos”shade of lip color will look on your face and you can also test how the “Seashell Opal” paint color will look on the wall behind your headboard. 

Knowing the most information and standing behind your buying decisions, as a consumer reduces chances of the return rate and boosts your level of confidence in your purchasing. 

Offers Immediate Feedback

Augmented reality is known for its real-time feedback. Hologramed images are superimposed over your very own, right-now view of life. 

The instant gratification consumers are loving is the fact that the sectional sofa that was in question can be placed into living rooms to scale for immediate judging. Easy-shmeezy! 

“Wait, you mean to say, that I can see what furniture will look like in my home before I have it delivered or picked up?”

The answer is…”Uh-huh!”

Wayfarer’s AR Shopping Application

Companies such as IkeaHouzz, and Wayfairare just a few businesses who know what you want and provide customization to make your experiences thatmuch more memorable. 

Delightfully Interactive

Pokemon-Go Augmented Reality Gaming Application
Pokemon-Go Augmented Reality Gaming Application

Memorable experiences are just that…memorable. We remember and admire memories of things we’ve experienced fondly if they were profound, stood out or amazed us. We are also keen on telling family and friends of “out-of-this-world” experiences endured.

Augmented reality is delightfully interactive because it allows you, the eyes behind the smart device power in curating, creating and interacting in real-time with video-games, decorating, trial of products and many more instances in the most immersive way to date. 

Augmented Reality: Like It or Love It

There is no in between with augmented reality. It’s either you like it or love it. This technology offers unmatched persistence in consumer relationship management. The speed, effectiveness and versatility augmented reality provides clients and businesses is something no other technology has yet to offer human-kind. 

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