What is Augmented Reality Used For?

The question of the decade…What is augmented reality (AR) actually used for?

The real question should be:

What Isn’t AR Used For?

Gaming/ Entertainment

We’ll bring it up again…Pokemon Go. Need we say a ton more? 

Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality
Pokemon Go

This phone application game made noise, like, a lot of noise! The interactive gaming and entertainment-filled fun users experienced were unmatched when it was first unveiled.

The entertainment world craved a fully immersed platform for users. Yes, gaming stations are cool with fantastic life-like graphics, but what is more life-like than an augmented hologram of a character right in front of you? (Not much right?)

The gaming industry has taken one GIANT leap ahead of the grain. 

We raise your level of what you thought fun was, and offer you augmented reality.

Boom…life = changed. 

Some of our favorite augmented reality games available for Android and/or iOs in 2019 are:

Knightfall AR

Ingress Prime

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Marketing is always evolving because, we, as consumers have changed the way we shop, communicate and interact with companies based on the development and use of technology. 

Just think, when the internet became readily available and widely used, e-commerce sales increased and gone were the days of many store magazines…sayonara JCPenney Catalogs! 

Augmented reality marketing exists through banners, labels, business cards, and more. Any print or ad that can be visualized also can come to life. 

Augmented Reality Business Card
Photo By: Oscar Falmer

Beverage companies such as Coca-Cola and 19 Crimes Wine are just two well-known brands that have jumped on bored with their augmented labels. 

If companies don’t stay relevant in communicating with their customers, they’ll fall behind the curve and quickly become irrelevant and a distant memory. It’s critical to stay front of mind and front of eye with younger generations. So, get to marketing with augmented reality!


Augmented Reality and Education
Photo by: Caehealthcare

Education has also evolved due to technological advances. The information that is provided digitally is quick, efficient and proven to be more effective than simply having a professor lecture for hours on end. 

Keeping pupils engaged and interested will increase education retention rates, and what better way to do so than with the most interactive and immersive technology out there to date? 

Hello augmented reality, it’s nice to learn from you.

Some of the best education tools for children can be found in the form of augmented reality toys.


There are some jobs that require more acuteness than others and with the use of augmented reality, that pinpointed, fool-proof precision is spot on. 

Careers such as construction, interior decorating, the electrical field, and many more require mathematical details that can take time, and if there is an error, can cause a huge issue! 

Augmented reality applications offer unmatched precision and information for many industries. 

Just take a look here with what SRI offers.

Augmented reality provides individuals with entertainment, enhanced marketing, a hub of information, and workforce precision. The benefits and uses of AR expand in depth with each of these categories providing what was once only dreamt about. 

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