US Army Equipped with Augmented Reality

If the latest technology is necessary in any job field, it sure as heck hits top need with our military!

November 2018, the US Army signed a $480 million contract with Miscrosoft. This agreement was for use and implementation of top of the line, innovative augmented reality headsets known as the HoloLens. This cutting-edge technology has also graced exhibits in the Smithsonian Museums.

While the HoloLens designed for museums is a little less intricate and tailor-made as it will be for the US Army; this technology is really making noise.

The HoloLens contracted through Microsoft will provide the US Army with 100,000 units for its Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). This will provide what they call “battlefield heads-up display”, which refers to a tactic similar to that of a football team; “shoulder-to-shoulder marching down the field together” Ryan McCarthy (Secretary of the Army) said. The idea is to create a more lethal Army with the use of innovative science and technology.

The HoloLens addition will help every soldier make more acute informative decisions. It will also address and enhance some of the Army’s top priorities of:

long-range precision fires

next generation combat vehicle

future vertical lift


air and missile defense

soldier lethality

With a $10.2 billion budget to aid in the execution, the US Army is well on their way to breaking new ground.

These headsets will also include night vision, thermal sensing, monitoring for respiratory signs, overall alertness, concussions and other vital signs critical to troops.

Microsoft has its work cut out for them as each one of these HoloLens headsets has extensive expectations. There is no doubt delivery above and beyond will be a problem.

While beating out Magic Leap for the contract, Microsoft has gained quite a lead in the AR (augmented reality) industry. This doesn’t mean Magic Leap’s technology will take a backseat and fall off the mark, so, keep watch as this industry big-boy makes moves as well.

More contracts are underway with large vehicle companies, museums, government projects and so forth aligned with AR technology. In fact, it can enhance nearly every business imaginable.

Stay tuned to see what AR is doing in 2019. We’re sure it is going to be a groundbreaking technological year.


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