Top 5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Your Business Marketing Strategy

It’s crucial for brands to keep pace with technological advances, otherwise those companies will be left in the virtual dust!

With the convenience of tapping into users’ mobile devices, augmented reality technology allows businesses the opportunity to offer their customers unique experiences all the while driving sales, revenues and recognition upward. 

Here are the top 5 ways to use Augmented Reality (AR) in your business marketing strategy. 

1. AR Allows Customers to Try Before They Buy

Consumers and potential customers love to test products out before they make a purchasing decision. That’s why department stores offer fitting rooms, personal make-up stylists at cosmetic counters, and test drive options in the auto industry.

Studies show an increase of sales linked to testing products out before purchase. 

Try before You buy with Augmented Reality
Try Before You Buy with Augmented Reality

Using AR, prospective customers are able to do the exact same trial or testing of products and services without the necessity to directly interact with the product.  

How do we mean? Well, it’s simple.

Many companies have already jumped onto this advanced customer experience by offering digital makeup applications, virtual fitting rooms and house tours of prospective real estate investments all with the use of a smart device. 

2. AR Touring & Assistance

The best way to explain AR touring and assistance is by an actual example.

Stub Hub used this method within their marketing strategy by offering an AR application in where it allowed users a 3D display of the stadium in where the Super Bowl was played. Fans were able to see and tour the facility in order to select the appropriate seat for them.

How cool right?!

The assistance part of this method has numerous examples and it functions exactly as it states; as assistance to you, the user.

Mercedes Benz rolled out a version in where it’s owners can “Ask Mercedes”. This pairs an AI assistant with an AR interface to answer a great deal of questions. It’s such a fantastic function as the visual explanation is much clearer than a phone conversation with a representative. 

3. Augment Branding Materials

Branding materials such as business cards, billboard signs, brochures, magazines and flyers can be augmented to come to life!

How does this work? 

Flyer Comes to Life
Flyer Comes to Life
Photo Credit: Mortar Studios

Well, applications by way of smart devices are used in which the branding material can be scanned and recognized. Special code allows the seemingly stagnant picture or logo on print to come to life and tell a story, assert information and offer a wide variety of consumer engagement.

4. Creates a Buzz Around the Brand

Instead of directly pushing sales and products, AR is a fantastic tool to get people talking. This technology is still dipping its gears into business branding and companies world-wide. Many consumers have yet to see or experience this new way of communication. Hence the buzz around companies that are so cutting edge by fascinated consumers/viewers.

Let’s give em’ something to talk about.

5. Leverage AR for B2B

AR checks all of the boxes
AR Checks all the Boxes

Creating a stronger bond between businesses and their internal connections with each other and their venders is another green checkmark for the scope of AR.

Taking AR into business meetings in lieu of PowerPoint presentations or wordy speeches offers a great new innovative dynamic to data. Read more about B2B and Augmented Reality by clicking HERE.

Augmented presentations offer everyone in the business meeting the opportunity to interact and see first-hand the lifelike representation of the product, service or idea right there on that large meeting table in 360-degree, 3D form or by way of chart and graph.

As you can see, augmented reality has just begun to scratch the surface of the marketing world. Act now and allow your brand to flourish by implementing one or all of these marketing strategies into your business portfolio.

Source: Smart Insights

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