Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Toys for Children in 2019

Children are sponges. They learn from seeing, playing, interacting and doing. It only makes sense for augmented reality immersive technology to grace the minds of insatiable kiddos. 

Whether it’s an interactive game or 3-dimensional seemingly live educational video, the impressive and memorable lesson behind each toy will unknowingly educate children in the most enjoyable way year to date, guaranteed. 

Here are the top 5 best augmented reality toys for children in 2019.

Shifu AR Flashcards

Flashcards, I know you remember back in the day when your black and white deck had a question on one side and the answer on the other. It was just as simple and boring as that. 

Shifu Augmented Reality Toy
Shifu Augmented Reality Flashcards
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Flashcards now embody their name: FLASH and we so wish they were around years ago. 

These educational and immersive cards come in a box of 60 cards which when scanned with an Android or iOS device, the image comes to life!

Shifu Safari Cards assist children in improving their vocabulary, pronunciations and spelling all the while learning more about the world through various themes such as: Space, Travel, Jobs and Safari. 

Merge Cube

Merge Cube can be utilized by kids, educators and professionals. This is the toy that even adults can use to bring lesson plans to life.

Take a look at this video to see how interactive and educational this toy really is:

Ever wanted to hold the galaxy in your hands or how about discover ancient artifacts like a renowned archaeologist? Merge cube is the first in its class to offer a new and creative way to learn through games and activities. 

AstroReality Lunar Pro

Astroreality Lunar Pro Augmented Reality toy for children
AstroReality Lunar Pro
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Offering consumers the most real moon model based off of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, AstroReality Lunar Pro brings the moon and all of its intricacies to children.

The toy comes with an actual cratered moon and it used with an augmented reality application to explore and interact with all of its real-life details. 

Now you can say really say that you’ve been to the moon and back!

Homer Parker, The Augmented Reality Teddy Bear

Homer Parker – The Augmented Reality Teddy Bear

It’s human nature to want to care for a sick child, animal or even make-pretend. With use of an iOS device, children can x-ray this teddy bear and play doctor. 

Go for it, examine his bones, cure his achy belly and even take his temperature. Let’s get this little Teddy healthy together.

Smart Globe Explorer

Learning about geography has never been so memorable or exciting!

Augmented Reality for Children - Smart Globe Explorer
Smart Globe Explorer

With over 20,000 fun facts, 42 games and many quizzes, the Smart Globe with augmented reality capabilities will keep your little one entertained for hours.  

The augmented reality application that is used with this educational toy brings the globe to life equipped with dinosaurs, animals and landmarks for a learning experience you could only hope for. 

Augmented reality experiences aren’t only for video games or tech companies; this beast has planted its roots into educational toys and we can’t wait to see where else it will take us.

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