The Impact of Augmented Reality on Society

Year after year, augmented reality (AR) is slowly being implemented into consumers’ and businesses’ everyday lives. Now, more than ever, AR is gaining speed and traction. 

The noise this technological advancement is making around itself is quite head turning in all of the best ways possible. Augmented reality is making quite an impact on society.

Over the next 5-10 years, AR will become a norm. You heard it ladies and gentlemen, this beast has yet to roar at its full potential head.

The impact of augmented reality on society is noticeable through more efficient communication, the increase of ecommerce sales, safety and the access to information just to name a few!

More Efficient Communication

The internet took communication to the next level. Piggy backing on that, came email and email messaging. Leveraging that communication, began social media. 

Today and more recently, we are welcoming the surprisingly not so new technology called AR. 

Augmented Reality in Healthcare
Augmented Reality in Healthcare
Photo By: Colin Hung

This form of communication can meld two separate entities into one; ultimately communicating an idea, example or business strategy more effectively.

Here are two examples:

*Telecommunicating for work or school. Conferences can now include projected 3D interactive images aiding in executing an idea, lesson, proposal or what-have-you.

*Doctor/Patient understanding. Articulated hologram images can aid doctors when speaking with patients in an office or over the phone regarding procedures, health information and ongoing care. It aids in closing the gap between confusing medial information and patient understanding.

Increase Ecommerce Sales

Internet Sales Increase with Augmented Reality
Internet Sales UP with use of Augmented Reality Applications

Consumers like options and when it comes to shopping, visualizing the product in their home or on their own bodies is extremely helpful in making a purchasing decision.

AR provides customization, right-now previews and in-home look-sees of specific products! 

A couch or any type of furniture can be a hard purchase. Questions such as: will it fit in the room? Does the color and style match the décor? These simple, but important deciding factors can make or break a sale. 

AR allows consumers the ability to place a piece of furniture in question into their very own living room (to scale) and even walk around it to see how it looks. There is no need to make a purchasing decision without actually “trying it before buying it”with the use of AR. 

The convenience of click to purchase right through the application the user is navigating, makes ecommerce salesthat much easier. Businesses love it, as well as customers. 

Information Access

The ability to access information on demand is undoubtedly more time efficient, it increases safety, can save money and elevate the user’s experience. 

Augmented Reality and Information Access
Vehicle Navigation with Augmented Reality
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We all ask questions; with AR, those questions can be answered in mere seconds. Interactive, exciting and unforgettable information at your service, provides users with safer vehicle navigation, efficient and acute work environments, and even memorable brand and consumer experiences. 

We’ve seen augmented reality dance across each industry imaginable and present itself quite silently. 2019 -2020 will be the years of educating and slow implementation. The years ahead…watch out because AR will take society and flip it around leaving you, me and the dog at a loss for words; how about that for impact?

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