Post-Sale Support with Augmented Reality

Post-sale support refers to the guidance and resources provided by a company to the purchaser after a purchase has been made. 

Many times, this comes in the form of warrantees, delivery options, installations, and troubleshooting tech help 24/7. 

Have you ever purchased a product and you either needed to assemble it, adjust settings or completely build it from ground zero?

There is no way you can say no to the above question, so let’s cut straight to the point. 

The point being, the confusion we all face when looking at the instruction manuals to try to comprehend the images meant for “easy assemblage” *eye roll* (that crap isn’t easy, and it takes so freaking long to do).

Augmented reality’s (a.k.a AR) post-sale support is and can be one of the most brilliant implementations to your company to solidify your customer relationship.

AR Self-Serve Mode

For those independent ones, self-service augmented reality experiences by way of smart device can be accessed 24/7 through a quick scan of the product or application. 

The customer can access product information, FAQ, manuals and even training material with AR overlays. Brands such as Nespresso have implemented this form of augmented reality offerings to their consumers with a simple product scan and there you have it, a step-by-step guidance of your new coffee machine right before your very eyes. 

AR Tech Help Mode

Because, sometimes it’s just nice to have tech support guide you. This mode of augmented reality allows for visual support through the application and can come in the form of an actual human guiding the aid or a computer. 

It is real-time aid in where the product in question in view of the smart device can be troubleshot with the help of images and overlays which guide you to resolve the issue at hand. 

AR User Manuals

I don’t know about you, but for each one of my current appliances, there is a thick manual that goes along with it. Ask me where each manual is…and I most likely have no clue!

Paper Manuals
Paper Manuals

Bye-bye bulky printed manuals and hello digital guide. 

Hyundai offers their vehicle user manuals equipped with augmented reality technology. While using the application via smart device and hovering over buttons within the vehicle, the guide explains what each button does as well as how-to’s in regards to checking oil levels and replacing filters!

Post-Sale Support MUST

As you can see, the customer value augmented reality can and will offer your clients after a purchase will most certainly be the icing on the cake. 

Consumer experiences begin from the very first touchpoint of a company and continue throughout the life of the product/service paired with support received in regards to their purchase or the life of the product.

You’ve heard the phrase: “follow through”. This doesn’t only apply to your knockout ballpark swing you practiced in baseball, it applies to work, business management and consumer relationship management. Don’t forget it. 


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