Package Animation with Augmented Reality

There are thousands of products on shelves at department stores, grocery markets and retail brick and mortars. How is your brand differentiated between that of your competition? 

Consumers first shop with their eyes. If a package looks good, it’s more likely to be purchased. 

That’s where package animation with augmented reality will surely set your company apart!

Package Animation with Augmented Reality, 19 Crimes
Package Animation with Augmented Reality
Photo By: 19 Crimes

The Psychology of Packaging and Consumer Behavior

They say: “don’t judge a book by its cover” however, we’re all guilty, especially when it comes to our consumer purchasing behavior. 

“Product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually.” -John McCabe (Startup Nation)

Packaging Fast Facts

Provided by Packaging Design, these fun facts give quite the insight on packaging as it relates to consumer behavior. 

  1. Businesses often report a 30% increase in consumer interest with due attention given to their packaging!
  2. 64% of purchasing decisions are made “on-the-fly” as spontaneous buys before research, so make that label/packaging count.
  3. Consumers often times form an impression of a brand within seconds…seven seconds.
  4. Research shows that consumers consider packaging almost as important as the product itself. 

Package Animation with Augmented Reality

There are numerous companies who have jumped on the augmented reality marketing band wagon because they saw the benefits and are continuing to reap the traffic to their company due to embracing the innovation. 

Companies such as Treasury Wine Estates, the makers of 19 Crimes wine and Boston Beer Company’s Angry Orchard have two different augmented reality approaches to consumer engagement with their packaging.

19 Crimes 

Standing out in a crowded wine market-place, 19 Crimes opted to differentiate themselves by way of visual engagement, vividly.

With use of a smart phone and application, the company provides an interactive experience with the consumer lasting about 30 seconds long. In this captivating half a minute, the soon to be purchaser enjoys an entertaining short story in where the featured criminal on the label comes to life and speaks his truth.

Leaving the onlooker in amazement and having them vested into the story of the wine, a sale is surely underway.

Not only do consumers like to know more about their product because it helps them feel vested in their purchase, the entertainment and engagement value this label brings is an industry standout. 

We’ll cheers to that! 

Angry Orchard

Augmented Reality Packaging
Photo By: Angry Orchard

As a slightly different approach to augmented reality packaging, Angry Orchard chose to offer their consumers educational value. 

Their AR experience is that to invite the onlookers to explore cider and it’s tasting notes, pairing advice and recipes all through the point and shoot of a smartphone directly at a label on the bottle of cider.

The opportunities are only scratching the surface of what can and will emerge from package animation. 

What we do know is how valuable it is for companies to adopt a much more engaging form of interaction with their purchasers. As we can see, augmented reality is a fantastic platform in order to do so. 

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