From Game-y to Game-changer. How AR is an Enormous Marketing Tool

Introduced as the bigger, badder sister of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) initially began in the gaming world. It takes holographic, virtual images and superimposes them into the real world rather than into another world as VR offers with the use of a smart device (console, headset, glasses, or smart phone). Sounds intense doesn’t it?

AR has grown up in the last few years and she’s quite the site to see. Helloooo Nurse!

There is still and always will be a fun-side to AR such as Snapchat and video gaming options,

but now there is a whole lot more on the table in the marketing department for all businesses for this flourishing techy addition.

As AR develops and becomes more widely used, it will become a staple in our everyday lives. Note that fact right there!

Marketing is quite an art. The formula to effective marketing constantly evolves with generations and technology so it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Communication is key, it is the foundation and building block of marketing. If a company cannot communicate effectively with prospective clients, then…doors close and companies fall off.

AR takes the marketing industry and customers on an adventure. It can take a product, business or service and offer an entrancing story that comes to life.

Now accessible by most smartphones, AR has made its move mainstream, allowing for many common consumers, like you and I, to use this technology with the use of an application on our phones. Knowing that most people have access to the AR world in the palm of their hand puts all businesses in a really fun and beneficial spot.

Play Video

You’re at a dinner party and brought the wine. The selection you chose was 19 Crimes, why? Because it’s pretty damn good and it’s only $7 a bottle! Also because the back story is so intense and irresistible that it almost makes the wine taste better than it actually does.

19 Crimes wine took their company brand and used AR to story tell. Each bottle has a historical criminal or scholar featured on the cover. With the use of an application on your smart phone, consumers can point and shoot their camera and the specific story of the individual on the cover will play. These living wine labels share the brand’s vision of “Cheers-ing to history” and “Toasting to principles.”

You enjoy this wine even more because you know the backstory on it. It has you vested into the company because you know where the product you purchased came from.

Admit it, everyone likes to know some information on their products, like: the beef was grass fed and local or the bangle around her wrist is fair-trade and handmade from an African tribe, employing women.

Businesses can create their story and raise brand awareness in a more interactive and engaging way with AR. Give your customers something to talk about, because, heck…that’s free marketing with an exponential reach.


Individuals are such busy bodies. Our attention span lasts a matter of seconds before “the page is taking too long to load.” If an image, television show or song doesn’t catch our attention, it’s on to the next.

AR grabs attention. Consumers engage longer and share more. It has been reported that AR experiences “can lead to dwell times over 85 seconds, interaction rates of up to 20% and click-through rates to purchase of 33%. These numbers dwarf anything across print, online or television advertising.”

IKEA Place, an AR application, allows users to stand in a room and completely customize and interior decorate it from their smart device with real live products for sale to scale. Each product can be purchased directly from the application if you like what you see. It will be placed in your virtual cart, ready for checkout after you are done playing “house.”

The convenience and extremely engaging aspect AR offers is unmatched. It increases ROI for companies and decreases return rates because consumers are essentially trying it before they are buying it.

Many Ways to Use

How can your company use AR? There are so many different ways to implement this tool. It’s important as with any marketing strategy put into place that you know your consumers, where they are and what they like in order to finite tune the most effective roll out.


Banner Ads

Facebook Messenger Bots

Social Networks


Bus Stops

On the Product Itself

AR functions can really be built into anything. It has already begun to show its true value through simplifying shoppers’ journey and adding value for consumers.

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