Expanding Consumer Experience through Augmented Reality

So…you’re in the business to sell a product or service to clients. This in turn means fostering top notch consumer experiences, as it’s of high importance.

The experience a customer has with a company will determine their purchasing patterns with that business again, it will also dictate their own personal word of mouth marketing (this could be beneficial or detrimental).

Customer Experience

Today, the competition between businesses is overwhelming which means, you HAVE to stand out in your market. It also means you must go above and beyond to stay front of mind.

What better way to check all of these boxes than with augmented reality technology?

Providing Customer Confidence with AR

The back and forth indecisiveness of many shoppers can hinder a transaction. This goes from make-up purchases to furnishing decisions.

“Will stainless steel appliances look better in our new kitchen or all black?” or… “I don’t think mauve looks good on my lips with my skin tone.”

These simple questions/statements can make the purchase of a product take a whole lot longer or heck, the transaction may not even go through due to lack of confidence. 

As shoppers, we like to be reassured and certain in whatever it is that we buy, especially if it’s a large ticket item. 

Augmented reality allows consumers the ability to visualize their in-limbo purchasing item right before their eyes from the comfort of their own home. Many brands have this implemented technology such as: HouzzIKEA PlaceINKHUNTER, and YouCam Makeup.

Immersive Retail Experiences with AR

Would you love a bit of product knowledge through technology while shopping to aid in making a well-informed decision?

Sometimes, it’s just a fun experience to know a bit more about the product you are purchasing. 

Starbucks flagship Roastery in Shanghai offers an augmented reality experience for their guests. Customers use their smartphones to unveil a whole world of the roasting process, visuals and a ton more information. 

Starbucks in Shanghai offers Augmented Reality

Talk about consumer experience on a whole other level!

Post-Sale Support with AR

Post-sales support and continued dedication to the consumer even after a purchase is extremely valuable. Not only for the reputation of your business, but for ongoing loyalty. 

We are talking about after-sale augmented reality aid. Sounds techy and overly complicated? Nope…think again. 

Sure, you can use AR to lure consumers to your business to make an initial purchase, but don’t just forget about those customers once they are out the door. Keep your relationship strong. 

How to do so? Read a more in depth how to here —>Post-Sale Support with AR!

This can come in the form of point and shoot with a smart device at the package or logo for quick augmented tutorials or it can even come in the form of tech-help mode in where a guide (computer or human) can quickly see what you’re seeing from the view on your smart device and assert guidance with overlays and highlights. 

Expanding the consumer experience begins before a purchase, throughout the purchasing experience as well as after all is said and done and you made the sale.

Continuing the follow through with the help of augmented reality technology will position your company in the most forward-thinking marketing strategies.

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