Coca-Cola Goes Augmented

This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola has used augmented reality in their marketing campaigns, but how come we don’t remember it? Augmented reality is STAND OUT marketing. Why so hush?

Augmented reality (AR) is something to celebrate, and so is sharing a Coke. So, help us in getting loud about it! 

From our augmented techy marketing corner, we say: “Get Loud and Be Proud” because AR is surely a head-turning, talk-about-it worthy statement piece (say that 10 times fast). 

Coca-Cola and Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality & Coca-Cola
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Coca-Cola teamed up with the New York based company, Ogilvy Mexico (marketing and public relations agency) and Santa Monica, CA based design agency, VFX house Timber to create an engaging marketing experience in which consumers can view mini story clips that nearly climb out of the side of the soda can they’re sipping from.  

Coca-Cola goes augmented. 

Implementation of Coca-Cola’s Augmented Reality

After careful selection of their design team and marketing agency, Coca-Cola and crew worked long and hard on making narrative skits that come to life right before your very eyes in 3-dimentional form by way of smart device. 

Specially marked cans of Coke have a scannable code on them that are capable of telling a short story to the viewer and application holder.

With the Coca-Cola application downloaded on a smart device, simply point and shoot at the code on the can…voila…dramatizations will begin. 

You’ll never look at a red Coke can the same again. Their seemingly simplistic color scheme and cylindrical beverage design is the furthest from run-of-the-mill.

Coca-Cola’s packaging is a piece of entertainment by way of augmented reality technology. 

Augmented Story Lines

There are 12 engaging 3-dimentional mini story sets which are based around a minor conflict with animated characters. The exchange begins unfavorably, but in the end is lightheartedly resolved by enjoying a Coke together. 

We can all relate to these skits or some adverse “moments” in our lives that are depicted with Timber’s quality designed characters at one point or another.

You know, like accidentally spilling popcorn in a theater whilst being scared or having your beach ball unexpectedly deflated. 

Coke brings those frowns upside-down as a way to make everything better.  

Tying It All Together

Share a Coke

Coca Cola is based on bringing those who enjoy their beverage happiness and harmony. “Sharing is caring” to Coca-Cola and what is better than sharing a Coke…next to nothing.

The inclusion of every age is depicted within these skits. From young to old, you’ll never be out of reach to happiness with a Coke in play. 

Continuously sending a positive brand message, this marketing ploy is certainly one for the books (or cans). 

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