China Using Augmented Reality Smart Glasses in Subway Systems

As a technological pioneer, of courseChina has implemented augmented reality into society! 

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses
Police officers wearing AI-powered smart glasses in Luoyang, Henan province, in central China. Photo: Reuters

Many subway systems from Shanghai to Luoyang and Gansu are using smart glasses as part of their daily regime.

Officers are equipped with state of the art augmented reality technology to aid in their day-to-day protocols. This includes offering informative data to aid in effective passenger flow in busy subway systems, to security measures as well as identifying and detaining criminals. 

Augmented reality smart glasses have certainly worked their way into an integral necessity. 

Passenger Flow

Crowded subway stations in China house millions of passengers traveling about their day-to-day lives. 

Congestion in the flow of passenger traffic has always posed a bit of an issue due to the massive population. This bottle-neck in the travel system creates slower subway rail times, extends the walk time in between stations and can elevate tension with too many people in a small area. 

Saving the streets from a flood of commuting individuals, the subway system is a critical part of society. This only magnifies the necessity for a smooth passenger flow experience. 

Monitoring officers in certain parts of the country are equipped with state of the art smart glasses. These specs utilize augmented reality technology to aid in the flow of passengers in high traffic times. 

It offers information which can help an officer direct people in a specific fashion for optimal flow. This ultimately keeps a cleaner, less congested and more efficient underground railway system. 

As reported through the South China Morning Post: “What they see will then be directly broadcast to our station’s central command room, which will then help our command staff to assess and judge the situation on the platform. This will allow them to quickly and effectively manage large passenger flows.”

Security Purposes 

Acute security, especially in largely populated areas is more than a nice thing to have, it’s a MUST!

In Yunnan, (just one of the locations that tested augmented reality smart glasses) this past August, approximately 1000 officers wore the glasses in which allowed them to detain numerous fraud criminals and drug dealers amongst the sea of seemingly infinite travelers!

This new tech roll-out offers digital content as well as face recognition, built-in HD cameras and intelligent voice recognition systems in order to spot criminals on the run. As a joint collaborative initiative by a local tech firm, Anhui Saitan Technologies and police in numerous cities in the eastern province of Jiangsu these specific glasses were designed for maximum results. 

Wow, right?

Surveillance technologies such as augmented reality have proven reliable thus far throughout numerous parts of the country. The exciting part is going to be witnessing the rapid spread of utilization coupled with tracked impressive results. 

This is one massive step in the right direction in order to continuously make the streets a safer place. 

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