Business To Business (B2B) Augmented Reality Uses

Business to business (B2B) sales and marketing can benefit from augmented reality (AR) technology just as much as business to consumer (B2C) marketing.

The use of AR isn’t solely directed toward consumers and their entertainment, but rather, it can also persuade potential business clients to do business with your company, aid in articulating complicated data, and even impress potential clients to do business with your innovative techy smarty-pants selves. 

Below are 3 ways where AR will elevate your B2B marketing strategy.

Persuasion through Product Presentation

Presenting a new product or product add on to executives or even pitching an idea to another company for implementation is an event that, if not delivered properly can cost your company time, money and future business.

On the other hand, if your company blows the presentation out of the water with state of the art technology in order to present an interactive, 3-dimensional prototype or representation, it is sure to be memorable.

$$$ Can you see dollar signs yet? $$$

AR can help increase credibility, forward thinking and show industry standout by incorporating augmented presentations.

Articulate Complicated Data

Statistics, numerical data or complicated diagrams are difficult to articulate through words.

Heck, if you tried, I’m pretty sure everyone’s eyes would be crossed and there may or may not be snoring amongst the group. I can see the Z’s now.

While 2-dimensional presentations are the current and seem to do an okay job, AR offers the chance to engage audiences in some of the most immersive ways, advancing comprehension and capturing the attention of all. 

Proctors, presenters and executives can enter a meeting with full confidence equipped with their 360-degree view, hologramed images and 3D augmented charts. This information will outline all the important complicated data, making it easier to explore the information and grasp the insights it provides.

Standing Out in all the Right Ways

Headed to a convention and need to stand out amongst the crowd? Bring your artillery! AR will be your wing-man and will certainly be a main attraction to your booth.

Maybe your company sells custom car parts. Taking those parts to put on display maybe a bit difficult, or even driving a hot-rod with your auto parts on it into the convention hall is probably out of the picture… or so you thought.

Augmented Car
Augmented Vehicle

With AR it’s possible to bring the whole vehicle into the building with you. The use of an application or heads up display (glasses or headset), you can show potential clients all of the bells and whistles with a 360-degree tour of the car, switching out parts and adjusting them in real-time, right before their eyes.

Hello, NURSE!  I mean, Custom Creation!

This application can be adjusted to any industry for a show-stopping, head-turning WOW factor. Standing out in all of the right ways will keep your company front of mind and known as a pioneer in your niche.

Source: Forbes

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