uses Augmented Reality is a California based company founded online in year 2000. They are an internet only, home improvement retailer. Selling everything from kitchen sink faucets to appliances and many other hardware products. They have been named in the Internet Retailer Magazine’s annual Top 500 List of online retailers for years on end.

2017 was the official launch of’s augmented reality (AR) tool. This function allows website visitors the “try-it-before-you-buy-it” option right in the comfort of their own home.

In fact, purchasers don’t even need to leave their couch. Initially featuring only a few dozen items; the use of’s AR tool was through smartphones. 3D images of available products (to scale) could be “placed” in any room of the customers’ home to see how the style, color and functionality worked within the given space. This innovative technology made waves!

Only a year after rolling out, noticed the sales potential as well as shoppers’ behaviors regarding this AR option and decided to expand their offered product line to consumers. All else remained the same, from point and shoot with the use of smartphones, the customization and wow factor!
Today, offers more than 650 products and 1,700 SKUs! The SKU count is higher than product number as many items are offered in different colors (also offered to be viewed within the application).

Taking this customer service function to the next level; some of their products such as faucets can be navigated to see how the handles move. The light fixtures to select from can illuminate so that users can see how the lighting will fare in the projected room of choice.

The compiled data regarding shoppers’ behaviors while, during and after using their AR experience with is an undeniable growth increase for the company. It has been well worth the investment and implementation. Here are some additional statistics in which has observed:

  • Approximately 5,000 shoppers per month utilize the AR feature.
  • Shoppers that use the AR tool on average, visit the site twice as often than non-AR shoppers per month.
  • Shoppers who utilized the AR function have spent more money than non-users.
  • The average session length is approximately 1 minute longer than non-AR shoppers.
  • The product return rate is 22% lower for AR users than non-users.

There is no slowing down; all signs point to full steam ahead. It will be interesting to see where will continue to take augmented reality within their website. As a leader in their industry for technology implementation, we will be keeping up-to-date as to their next move and so should you.


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