Augmented Reality & Real Estate

Real Estate and AR

Hitting the industry with jaw-dropping and seemingly futuristic technology, augmented reality, or AR, is spreading it’s reach across many industries and now has graced the real estate market.

Appealing to agents, brokers and potential homebuyers, AR captures the “homey” feel everyone needs and wants while creating a listing strategy or determining a purchasing decision.

AR has been around for quite some time; it’s not until recently where applications have been formulated by industry experts in order to create a user and business friendly format.

By making this technology increasingly easy to apply into everyday life, it adds to the tool belt of business marketing strategies equipped with all the bells and whistles.

There are many ways in which AR applies to the real estate industry, appealing to agents, brokers, investors and buyers alike.

Halfway There

Augmented Reality and Blueprints
Architect Magazine

Home building is a skill in and of its own. Blue prints are set, zoning and permits have been approved and construction begins on the proposed outline of the home.

During construction, with the use of an AR application on a smart device, it’s possible to see unfinished space.

Especially useful for interior designers, buyers and construction crews; visualizing completed areas with walls and possibly even furniture will help the space come together and potentially aid in selling the home quicker, before construction is even completed.

The point and shoot technology through the use of an application can augment walls, paint color, flooring and more into the space you are looking at right in front of your face, in real time!

Bringing your imagination into reality, you can essentially build your own home, complex or facility with the help of AR applications.

Stage Me Up Scotty

Real estate agents know how daunting staging a house can be for an open house or home viewing party. It can be pricey and the style of the décor could be “not the taste” of the potential buyers, ultimately risking a sale.
Fear not! There’s an AR app for that.

Augmented Reality Home Staging
Credit: Rooomy

Real estate agents can tailor decorated with the potential buyers’ style choice; this application can really be the topping on the cake and make a house feel like home!

Who doesn’t want to know how much walk around space there will be around a bed in a bedroom. Vantage points of what you see through the screen of a device can be observed in real life. You can walk behind the couch, or even stand near the headboard of the bed to see the distance between the bed and the door.

Simply point and shoot a cell phone AR app at a blank wall within a dedicated room in the house. Thereafter, choices of furniture styles, colors, side tables and much more can be staged within the specific room.

The even neater part is, while showing the house with smart device in hand, feel free to change that “augmented couch” the client wasn’t so sure of and adjust the color or style of it.

Many applications work with furniture and retail companies, so if a client really likes the design and décor of a room through the view of the AR application, they can easily purchase the furniture with the click of a finger on their smartphones.

For Sale, take a flyer ←We ran out, sorry.

Don’t you hate it when you are out and about, you see this beauty of a home listed for sale and reach inside the flyer box, only to pull out nothing?
There aren’t any more brochures. How frustrating.

An AR application can replace this unnecessary paperwork. Applying to other real estate agents, potential on the search homebuyers and/or investors, everyone wants a bit more information, right?

Augmented Reality and Real Estate

Open up that application, using the camera and GPS location of your smart device, the app will track where you are and the property which is in view.

An information bubble will pop up and more info can be read about the property, right then and there, or maybe the application has an augmented tour of the house you can take.

A click to call now button, history and selling points of the house, neighborhood points of interests, and additional selling features nearby can also be included to provide the viewer with as much information as they wish to read on the gorgeous three level house in which they stand in front of.

So-long paper flyers!

Homes listed for sale or houses in the process of construction can be marketed, sold and staged using AR.

It’s is a wonderfully engaging tool that is completely customizable to specifications and preferences. Your imagination has never been so forthcoming or precise until now. Augmented reality is spreading like wildfire in the real estate industry.


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