Augmented Reality for Athletes

Athletes keep a regimented schedule when it comes to working out and training. They know critical times needed to hit for speed and performance, which means workouts are repeated over and over for accuracy. 

What if there was a way to bring technology to the forefront and offer simulation training for immediate informative results and document the metrics behind their skill in real time?

There is! That technology is…you guessed it, augmented reality and it’s making training sessions more effective for athletes as they need to continue to learn, adapt and enhance their skills regularly.

Augmented Reality - Training Evolved
Photo By: Augmented Reality Tennis

Augmented reality for athletes, projects training data in the form of digital numbers, graphs, videos, and 3D images. This data is real-time and it aids the athlete in correcting their actions, improving skills and making methodical decisions.

FORM Swim Goggles, Augmented Reality for Athletes
FORM Swim Goggles

FORM Goggles, SGM Sports, and Dribble Up augmented reality technologies are three ways augmented reality for athletes is changing the training industry. 

FORM Swim Goggles

Designed for swimmers to take control of their metrics, FORM offers these athletes leading augmented reality technology in the moment. Training has never been so accurate! 

The company prides themselves on providing the highest quality swimmers’ goggles with the latest technology that offers metrics on demand such as split times, stroke rate/count, pace per 100, distance and calories just to name a few. 

“The FORM goggles have transformed the way I practice” – Darian Townsend (Olympic Gold Medalist)

“There is no other product on the market where the swimmer can get real-time training data, with the coach receiving the same feedback on the back end.” -Steve Price (Head Coach, UBC Thunderbirds).

Not only does this product offer real-time data, there is a swim app that can be utilized once the athlete is out of the pool to track progress and aid in data customization. 

SGM Sports

SGM Sportswith the technology of brainshuttle.experience offers athletes immersive environments for their training needs through an augmented reality application.

Numerous sports related augmented simulations place athletes in real situations which offer a unique training experience. AR offers athletes everything a real game/competition can with a much lower chance of injury, it lets them practice without any help and teaches technique. 

Dribble Up

Dribble Up is a soccer ball, basketball or medicine ball that is for purchase which provides coaching and training in real-time, with just you (the athlete), your ball and the application. 

Compatible with iPhone and android systems, these fitness balls are designed to provide adults and children alike exercise and acute training techniques with augmented precision to provide live feedback as the user works out (works great on a synced television). Feel free to set goals and track your results with the application. 

Augmented Reality in Sports Training

Augmented reality in sports training is no longer a thought of the future. The future is now and technological advances of AR are proving extremely effective in providing athletes with regimented, goal oriented and tracked training metrics that offer a workout experience one has only dreamed up. 

Have you tried any of these augmented reality training experiences for athletes?

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