Augmented Reality Boosts Sales

The idea of augmented reality has been around for over a century. It’s just recently within the past few years, this technology has slowly unveiled itself to consumers and business owners alike. From video gaming to personalized implementation applications, the speed at which augmented reality is gaining ground is profoundly going to boost business sales for companies all across the globe.

Augmented reality (AR) made its big debut with the interactive game, Pokémon Go on smartphones back in July of 2016. This virtual game took tens of millions of users to the next level with the handheld usage of the computer-generated composite view of Pokémon characters in the users’ real-world location. The digital scene just became much more consumer aware; there has been no turning back since then.

Forecasters suggest that the AR software market is on the rise and will become a marketing strategy staple. It’s expected to reach a jaw-dropping $35.22 billion by 2022.

What does this mean for businesses? It means dollar signs. Every company knows that staying ahead of, or keeping up with the marketing curve is essential to not becoming irrelevant.

AR allows for the ability to show off product features of vehicles, homes, clothing and much more from the point and shoot of a phone or AR device. It is no-doubted a sales driver.

Just think, with this technology you can quite literally build and see the home of your dreams from the paint color to the specific and personalized furniture and rugs placed in the living room. There are no limits; what you have dreamt up in your mind can be articulated in plain view, real time. Now THAT is what we call customer accommodation.

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Ikea, the Scandinavian furniture company was one of the first major commercial applications of Apple’s ARKit called IKEA Place. It utilizes AR technology from a mobile device’s camera to view how specific Ikea product items (furniture, lamps, bedding, etc.) would look in any given space. This allows the consumer to visualize first-hand what a potential purchase would look like in their home before they empty their piggy bank.

AR has offered a convenient, user-friendly software application elevating the industry standards for nearly every business segment. Consumers can now essentially try it before they buy it. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology will increase sales for companies far and wide, ultimately cutting down on returns and dissatisfaction. In fact, it will elevate satisfaction rates as well as the likelihood of repeat customers.

This tool is a gold mine for interior decorators, car manufacturers, movers, real estate agents, you name it, AR has a more than comfortable place in marketing strategies that will take companies to the next level.

Removing the guesswork and offering immediate feedback to consumers is nothing short of brilliant.

Stay up to date with the newest technology. It would be a shame to be left behind. Happy augmented reality-ing!

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