Augmented Reality and Snapchat Advertising

What company wouldn’t want to enhance their customer and brand relationship? This is exactly what experience augmented reality (AR) offers any and all businesses. AR takes advertising and viewers to the next level. This is proven especially effective on the popular social media photo sharing application, Snapchat. 

Snapchat filters and photo filters in general have now snagged the interest of millions; so much so that other social networks have jumped on board as well. The engaging, interactive options to express yourself in funny and sharable ways is just plain, “hours of entertainment.” These filters, lenses and overlays are what is called augmented reality. The technological mic drop doesn’t seem so geeky when put this way now does it?

User-friendly, intimate, playful and memorable moments are all created for the user when playing with Snapchat lenses. These experiences are seamlessly intertwined within consumers’ current behaviors. Augmented reality offers the ability to fit into our everyday lives with the capability of enhancing and elevating our current experience.  

Augmented Reality
Crocs Branded Augmented Reality Snapchat Filter

Log into your Snapchat account, you’ll find filters that are sponsored by big name brands such as Michael Kors, Gatorade, Beats, Urban Decay, and even Taco Bell. These sponsored lenses make millions of impressions in a short amount of time due to users sharing and posting the photo mash-up with the filter overlay to their family and friends. The sensation makes a hit and subsequently, those family and friends want to try the identical filter, so the chain reaction continues, making the specific brand spread far and wide in a rapid fire movement. 

This way of advertising utilizes the consumer’s interests and capitalizes on their entertainment to drive what is similar to ambassador programs. While not realizing it, the shared photos with use of sponsored lenses is gloriously littered quickly throughout the community, ultimately shattering the advertising glass ceiling that so many companies can often feel with conventional marketing strategies. 

The incorporation of AR into any businesses’ marketing plan will prove increasingly important in months and years to come as consumers crave new experiences and control. Filters and sponsored lenses dive deeper into the unknowingly, technical hungry younger generation in a fresh new way. It creates brand awareness, engagement and exposure without the pushy selling so many of us are fatigued by.

Placing your brand in front of where your target market audience already is and making your content interactive enough for the conversation to be upheld will ultimately deem critical; dare we say the possibility of soon to be standard? 

The implementation of augmented reality’s Snapchat sponsored filter lenses has taken social media marketing from a daunting in-your-face sales pitch to a very much welcomed, creative and effective bilateral approach. Keep up and take a picture (with a lens attached) because you know what they say: “pictures say a thousand words.”


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