Apple Augmented Reality Headphones in the Works

As an industry tech staple, the developers of Apple always set this company up on a pedestal. Meaning, there is always something new and innovative being rolled out to keep us all on our toes.  We all know that if Apple rolls it out, it’s a success. 

Leaving us, as consumers guessing “What is Apple doing next?” and “Where is technology headed now?”

We’ve got the secret scoop.

Apple Patent

Apple is working on their augmented reality headphones. Still in its patent stages, these headphones will take some time to be consumer ready, estimators guess 2022?

Hold on, you’re thinking…isn’t augmented reality a visual aspect of technology with overlays and holograms into real-world applications? 

Well, yes, correct, however the headphones are taking augmented reality into spatial representations.

Augmented Reality Spatial Representations

Apple’s headphones will be positioned to be utilized in conference calls and who knows, perhaps in augmented reality classrooms in the future as well. 

The technology will allow the user to be able to hear where a person is in the room even though they are not physically there with you. 

Apple AR Headphone Patent Features

  • The pre-processor imbedded into the headphones will be able to receive each caller’s audio signal and associate it with a virtual spatial representation within the room.
  • A head-tracking controller will be able to identify which way the listener or speaker is looking as well as each individual on the call. This means the headset would able to mimic in-person meetings right down the listener “looking” at the speaker!
  • If each caller is remotely based, the headphones will create a “virtual room” in where acoustic properties will resemble the real environment of where the listener is situated.

What are the Benefits of Augmented Reality Headphones?

In a virtual conference space, the individuals on a call can deem it a bit difficult to determine who is speaking. As of now we listen and guess who’s who by voice alone rather than a hierarchy of a conference table positioning. 

Augmented reality headphones would take the guess-work out of who is speaking and where they are located in the “virtual room.”

Apple's Augmented Reality Headset: Conference Room
Lotte Hotel

Also, imagine these gems paired with augmented reality glasses (we hear this may roll out 2023, one year following the headphones). Theoretically, you would be able to join a virtual conference call and be able to “see” where all of the participants are located within the area. 

Apple’s headphones would help in closing the gap of space with remote employees. It can also bring virtual classrooms closer and more interactive. Thousands of miles away doesn’t have to feel as such with augmented reality technology. 


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