A Picture Can Say a Thousand Words. Plus a Thousand More with Augmented Reality

Art is expression. It portrays emotion, exemplifies feelings and can communicate a story all through a painting, portrait, sculpture or instillation.

Now, is the time for art and interpretation to be magnified. Magnified to the point of illusion and 3-dimensional immersion. This is all possible with the use of augmented reality (AR). 

Scattered art galleries and museums around the world have paired art pieces with technology to offer an experience to the onlooker the artist could only dream up.

Ways Art Galleries Use AR

Augmented Reality Artwork

Galleries and universities across the globe are implementing AR technology into their exhibitions; The Albertina Museum in Vienna, Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, and the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts are just to name a few. 

In each gallery, university or museum, there are numerous ways in order to use AR. The artists themselves can create pieces with this technology in mind, and galleries themselves can implement an overlay on a work of art to further educate the onlooker and even giving viewers augmented 3D tours of fascilities.

Artists Creating in Augmented Reality

Pushing boundaries on what is possible within the art community, AR allows artists to use technology as a new medium. With the use of overlays, videos, interactive displays and sound, art pieces can come to life and offer the viewer a brand-new experience.

Art pieces can be articulated in the most innovative and expressive way possible. Artists have the creativity, power and potential to express and relay emotions, feelings and stories that may have been harder to interpret to onlookers with stagnant pieces of artwork. 


Many art galleries and museums have implemented AR applications which are free for their visitors to use during the stay. The application is used through a smartphone. The hover, point and shoot at a piece of artwork through the device will activate the immersive creative content. 

Augmented Reality and Art Museums
Photo By: Digital AV Magazine

The application by way of smart devices gives viewers a behind the scenes know-how on how the timeless piece was created or the background of the individual artist/era in which the piece was created. It adds a dimension of story and vestment within each work of art. 

AR allows for the viewer a much better understanding of art, the history and the meaning behind the painting or sculpture for better appreciation and emotion evoking experiences.

Augmented Art Gallery

Can’t get to that art gallery that houses the Mona Lisa? No worries because with AR there is no need for you to take the trip across the big stream to get there. With the use of a smart device and an application download, you can take an augmented tour through your favorite exhibitions. 

The digital world is continuously combining with reality pushing the boundaries of inspiration. The opportunity AR offer’s galleries, museums and art exhibits is endless from increased revenue, to offering viewers evolving new forms of content and making art much more accessible.

Source: Digital Bodies

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